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To The Orient

Travelling The Silk Road

To The Orient - Travelling The Silk Road
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In the year of our Lord 1419...

...several covenants of the Awakened have come together to seek to understand one another better. Negotiations have been held, alliances struck and pacts made. And now has come the time to include the others. Not just our Brothers and Sisters in Europe, but in the East as well. Now is the time reach beyond our own borders and see, whether we can be united.

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Reality Check:

This is a community for a Mage: The Sorcerer's Crusade campaign. This has nothing to do with reality, real history or anything that has happened in the real world.

As a community dedicated to a single campaign, this is open only to the participants. There's nothing of interest to anyone else here, really.

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Note To The Players:

I'm following the footsteps of hallowd and have established this community for sharing information on the game and locations, and to log happenings and such. Once we get rolling, feel free to contribute with music, art, links, thoughts... just about anything. This community is for you, after all.

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